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About us


Our mission is to spread the “Beauty of Japan” to the world, such as delightful Japanese culture, brilliant gourmet, beautiful nature, traditional local spots, as well as the latest culture and technology that still remain in each region, and offer an opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese life and interact with local people.

Beauty of Japan is a travel agency that is focusing on providing unique experience programs that no other offers in order for travelers to experience off-the-beaten-track that makes their trip unforgettable based on our various nationwide network and passionate internal team.


  • - Tailor-made itinerary creation and arrangement (destination management)
  • - Unique cultural experience program/tour arrangement
  • - Hotel/Ryokan/Restaurant/Local house arrangement
  • - Prepaid data SIM (
  • - Operation of portal website (
  • - High-Net-Worth travel arrangement
  • - Beauty care clinic arrangement
  • - Mountain/hiking guided tour
  • - Consulting/Promotion of local municipalities

About BOJ

Company Name
BOJ, Inc.
Takahiro Noguchi
#903, 15 Sankyo Bldg., 2-7-12 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045

Our Team

We are a small group of bilingual (English and Japanese) professionals based in Tokyo who are very passionate in what we do.  All of us have lived in North America for a number of years and are familiar with English language and both cultures.

With our partners, we have over 300 cultural experience programs and 2000 restaurant network across Japan.  We are very flexible to satisfy your needs and requests.

Founder and CEO: Takahiro (Taka) Noguchi

Take graduated high school in Quebec, Canada and obtained a bachelor honors degree at University of Ottawa, Canada with major in marketing and entrepreneurial management.  After he came back to Japan, he joined global sales and marketing department at Sony.  He was transferred to Sony Electronics in the US for 3.5 years to lead a mobile electronics (car audio) business group and achieved major sales and market share growth.  After deeper brand marketing and management experience at Unicharm and Energizer in Japan, he established BOJ, Inc in 2014. 
After spending a total of 12 years in North America and with travel experience of over 20 countries, he noticed that local culture and tradition, which he calls “beauty”, were mostly found in local region and this also applies to Japan.  His desire is to disseminate Japanese unique and beautiful culture and tradition to the world and provide opportunity of "experience" to Japan travelers.

Chief Guide: Isamu (Sam) Yokobori

Sam leads our guiding team and is in charge of quality control. He went to university in Canada majoring the environmental studies. After his graduation, he polished his mountaineering skills in the mountaineering school in the Canadian Rockies and began his career as a hiking & caving guide at Mt. Fuji. He further developed his guiding skills in the Canadian Rockies and Japanese mountains to guide English speaking tourists. In addition to his deep guiding experience, he is a Wilderness First Aid specialist and established Wilderness Medical Associates Japan to instruct wilderness medicine courses in Japan. He sees the beauty in Japanese cultural histories and subtle changes within transience of nature.


  •  - Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (Canada)
  •  - Japan Mountain Guides Association (Japan)
  •  - Interpretive Guide Association (Canada)
  •  - Wilderness Medical Associates International (US)