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"Aen" at Shinjuku Isetankan offers seasonal vegetable-based meals

Always in pursuit of ways to prepare and cook vegetables to bring out their original flavors

This salad is packed full of root vegetables. Burdock, lotus root, carrot yam and other thick cut root vegetables are lightly fried so as to preserve their original sweetness.
Enjoy it with our home-made refreshing soy sauce dressing. We directly buy in-season vegetables from not only Mos Group Cooperation Farmers but also from all over Japan.

We offer dishes like "tuna salad served with original seasonal sauce" that are ideal for pairing with fish so that they taste more flavorful than just eating vegetables alone.
Our service staff always take great care to cooperate with our customers and respond to their wishes in a speedy manner.

We take care to change the temperature of the meals we offer with regards to the climate, also changing the recommended menu so as to accommodate the flavors of the season.
Owing to our many fantastic vegetable based meals and the restaurant's calm atmosphere, we believe that anyone can enjoy dining here, young and old.

We also provide private rooms (small fee), feel free to dine here for a meal with friends, a reception or just come here on some warm, sunny day.
Yuki Matsuda was born in Tokyo in 1981. When he was in university he started working in an izakaya (Japanese bar) and soon came to realise the joy of eating and the fun in cooking and decided to become a chef. After that, he worked and continued to study at Aen Mizokuchi for 7 years. As the restaurant has many meals featuring vegetables, he is always pursuing new ways to prepare and cook vegetables to bring out their original flavors. In 2013, he transferred to Aen Shinjuku Isetankaikan, where he works to this day.




[Weekday] 11:00〜16:00 , 17:00〜23:00 [Saturday, Sunday, public holiday] 11:00〜23:00




Isetan Hall 4F, 3-15-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo