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"Akiba Owls" is a relaxing room linked with owls & healing

Our philosophy is 《to make our guests happier, offering a space where people can interact with owls》.

As it is said to be a stressful society these days, many people get stressed.
Because of too much information and choice, we sometimes feel stressed even when to make a right decision.
Interacting with relaxed-adorable owls make many people smile,
and we think owls can heal our tired hearts like a therapy.

We prioritize to keep our owls in good health ,and then, we apply the
effects of mental care and healing theory to【Music, Lightning , and Color】
so that our guests can experience " extraordinary healing".

Our room is provided by appointment only so that guests can spend cozy time.
We prepare a timetable in advance and allocate time, aiming our guests to spend "relaxing moments", which is not just as a free time with no plans but as a healing hour.
We go along with themes for 1-hour, setting the tone of background music to create stories as a part of our performance.

We make a clear distinction between our relaxing room and the existing-restaurants or animal cafes.
We hope you will enjoy the " healing entertainment".




It changes on daily basis. Please check on our website.


E-mail reservation is accepted.


67 Kanda Neribeichō Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō