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Ameya-Yokocho (ame-yoko) market street in Ueno, Tokyo

This is Ameya-Yokochō, a market area located in Ueno, and commonly known as Ameyoko.
Originally a cramped residential district, it was burned down in the bombing of Tokyo during World War II, and then flourished as a black market.
There were at one point over 200 shops here selling ame (the Japanese word for candy), and many other stores sold surplus goods from the American occupation forces, and together these gave the area its nickname. Even now, there are shops in the area that sell ame and other confectionery goods.

Nowadays, clusters of shops focus on various goods such as food, especially seafood and dried foods, clothing, and jewelery, and cosmetics, brand items, expensive watches, and general goods are sold under the girders of the train tracks.
In the Shōwa period, there were many fake and replica goods for sale, but these days few of them remain, and the area is primarily stocked with genuine goods.

Another major seafood marketplace exists at the Tsukiji Market, but that market is publicly controlled by the city of Tokyo, and primarily conducts transactions wholesale and at high volumes with businesses, and the prices there are therefore set and not open to haggling.
Ameyoko is frequented by ordinary consumers who make smaller transactions, and a special feature of its shops is that you may be able to negotiate with the shopkeepers for lower prices.
Various goods are stuck in box for sale and this pair of shows is only 1000 yen, which is amazingly cheap.
Besides shoes, there are wallets and cosmetic items (and much more!) that are sold stuck like this.

At any shop, any item can be bought at very affordable pricing, but they also accept price negotiation and items can be purchased at even lower price, especially at grocery shop. Perhaps you can try price negotiation at this historic Ame-yoko.




4 Ueno,Taitou-ku,Tokyo