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Another way to enjoy Asakusa: Big Incense Burner and Lottery at Senso-ji temple

Going through the gate of the wind god and the thunder god, you reach in front of Sensoji , and you see a crowd in the center.
And all the people there are taking burn incense-sticks smoke on their heads, shoulders, hips, etc.
Because it is said if you take the smoke from this big incense burner on your body's bad parts, you will be given divine blessing.
But some people misunderstand if they take the smoke only on their heads, so they return after taking the smoke only on their heads. Maybe you may see like the scene a lot.

And I will recommend you that you bring your own incense sticks you buy because it is said that divine's blessing is given only their own incense sticks smoke.
This is fortune lottery.
Lottery originated in the olden days to carry out important matters and to choose successors by the will of god. Presently, it is possible to pray to gods and budhas for fortune.

In Asakusa, the method used is to shake the cylinder tube and check the number of the stick that slips out. There is a shelf to receive your fortune.
The 7 kinds are excellent fortune, good fortune, half fortune, small fortune, fortune, no fortune and bad fortune.
In the event of getting a bad fortune, to protect your luck, you tie and hang up the fortune slip on the pole.
The lottery style and tying style differs according to the shrines.






2-3-1, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo