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[Aoki-ya] Soba noodle and sweet-fish restaurant in Nikko

Aoki-ya , located along the Kinugawa river in Nikko, is well known freshwater fish cuisine to enjoy handmade soba and fish from the river. There are a variety of river fish to enjoy, such as sweet-fish, eel, and char. Recommended menu is skewered sweet-fish (Ayu Shioyaki), which was swimming in a tank and/or river until a few minutes ago. Chef cooks the fresh fish in "Irori fireplace" upon receiving an order.
As the restaurant is located along the river, the Kinugawa river view is attractive and enjoyable from either tatami seat or table.
Irori fireplace is set outside the restaurant. You can watch the chef cooking the fish. Once the freshly baked Ayu was brought to your with the fragrant smell, let's try to eat from head. Leaving just skew and bones on the plate after you eat is how experienced person eats!

Without any doubt, handmade soba is also wonderful. There are an ample choice of noodles to eat.


You will be able to hand catch the sweet-fish during summer time and eat! It would be a memorable experience to watch a lot of river fish swimming up in the river.


10:30〜20:00 (Closed on Mondays from December through April.)




1053 Owatari, Nikko, Tochigi