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"Basashi-ya Masashi" healthy horse meat restaurant in Asakusa

We specialize in delightful horsemeat dishes and vegetables from Kyushu in an adult atmosphere.

Horsemeat makes for a trimmer fillet than beef, a perfect match for rich, thick foie gras.
It is difficult to get the temperature just right to grill horsemeat and foie gras together, but we make it a superb medium rare.
Enjoy with a sweet Rossini-style sauce. It is a given with our horsemeat, but we use vegetables from Kyushu as much as possible, too.
Our specially-ordered soy sauce from a manufacturer in Kyushu pairs perfectly with horsemeat and is a Bashiya Masashi original.
We wish to delight you with Kyushu cuisine. Many people are not accustomed to eating horsemeat, so first we give them our recommendations.
Our "Selected Fresh Horsemeat Sakura Sukiyaki", featuring rich, marbled mane cuts blended with the scent of onions, is a delicious way to enjoy it.
The indirect lighting at our counter creates an adult atmosphere, and has large seats for couples.
Many couples come here on dates to chat over rare horsemeat dishes.
Horsemeat dishes are light enough for a lady's palate, so bring your date here to delight her.
He switched from Chinese cuisine to Japanese, and now he sees the untapped potential of horsemeat as an ingredient

Kimiharu Takeuchi was born in 1980, a native of Saitama Prefecture. A graduate of the Hana School of Culinary Arts. His family ran a Chinese food restaurant, so he was naturally interested in becoming a chef. Though he first started down the path of becoming a Chinese chef like his parents after graduation, after 10 years he wanted to try Japanese cuisine as a new challenge. He came to us at Bashiya Masashi through a personal connection. This was the first time he'd worked exclusively with horsemeat, and he found the way the whole animal can be eaten, from the head to the tail, so fascinating that he researches and develops new dishes each day to bring the delicious flavor of horsemeat to you.




16:00〜23:30 [weekdays/Saturdays/holidays & days before] 11:30〜14:00




HK Asakusa Bldg. 6F, 1-1-16 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo