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"Drinking Tofu" at Suzuki Tofu shop - exquisite!

Suzuki Tofu-ya keeps shop in Koshigoe, between Kamakura and Enoshima.
This long-established store is currently run by its 6th-generation owner, and was founded more than 140 years ago.

The shop's specialty is, without question, its "real soy milk".
Soy milk is a drink primarily enjoyed by women for its health benefits, and beloved as a diet drink for its ability to fill the stomach.
Most soy milk available in supermarkets has its taste modified to be easily drinkable, making it impossible to appreciate the aroma and flavor of the soybeans.
That's because it's treated only as a health drink.

However, the "real soy milk" here at Suzuki Tofu-ya is at the top of its class in terms of quality, flavor, and aroma. This is the genuine article.
You'll no doubt be surprised by the aroma of soybeans that wafts out from the moment you open the seal, and at the richness that will make you feel like you're drinking tofu.
Of course, in addition to the soy milk, just-made fresh tofu and Kinu Namaage ( fried tofu ) can be purchased. If there is a chance to stop by Enoshima, it is recommended to visit Suzuki tofu shop in Koshigoe and taste the excellent tofu that was to take care of the old-fashioned recipe.



9:00~19:00(weekdays) 10:00~18:00 (holidays)




3-16-1 Koshigoe,Kamakura-shi,Kanagawa