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Enoshima Shrine - one of Japan’s Three Great Shrines of Benzaiten, Shonan

Enoshima Shrine is counted as one of Japan's Three Great Shrines of Benzaiten, enshrining the Three Goddesses of Munakata in its three temples. The highest in elevation, Okutsumiya, enshrines Tagirihime-no-Mikoto, Nakatsumiya enshrines Ichikishimahime-no-Mikoto, and the lowest, Hetsumiya, enshrines Tagitsuhime-no-Mikoto. Together, they are called the Enoshima Daijin, and govern over marine transportation, the fishing industry, and safe travel respectively.

It is said that a five-headed dragon used to live in this area and bring suffering to the villagers.
However, legend tells that it met a celestial maiden who appeared along with Enoshima and reformed, marrying the maiden and protecting the villagers from disaster.
The maiden is enshrined here at Enoshima shrine, and the dragon is enshrined at Ryōkōmyō Shrine in western Kamakura, so these two are known as husband-and-wife shrines.

The lowest shrine, Hetsumiya, is the primary one of Enoshima Shrine.
It is said that if you pass through the chinowa here (seen in the picture on the lower right), your sins will be purified. Be sure to pass through it on your way to the shrine to face the rest of your visit with a pure heart.
This " Uchide no kozuchi " in Japan, is transmitted as those that fulfill whatever the wishes from the old days and it appeared in a number of fairy tales and stories.
Since the kozuchi transmitted to Enoshima Shrine is located here at Tsunomiya, let's make a wish for various fortune rise that you want to fulfill while stroking the kozuchi three times .

This Enoshima Shrine is famous for hard up and down the stairs, but there is a vehicle called "escar" that takes you to the top.
The esker is Japan's first outdoor escalator, which appeared in 1959 .






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