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Enoshima turned to sightseeing spot from religious site, Shonan

Enoshima's picturesque scenery is the pride of the Shōnan region. It has been a favorite sightseeing spot since long ago, and has its own fair share of history.

That's because this spot's unusual terrain has made it a site of religious practice since ancient times.
However, in 1182, a monk named Mongaku founded a shrine to Benzaiten on the request of Minamoto no Yoritomo, and Yoritomo donated a torii gate. From then on, the location became a site for religious visits by generations of shoguns and lower-ranking vassals. (This was because Benzaiten is also a deity of wealth, and they came to pray for the prosperity of the capital.)
In the later Edo period, the citizens of Edo came, under the pretext of religious visits, on recreational excursions to enjoy the area's local specialties and great scenery, thus cementing Enoshima's reputation for the best views around.

Nowadays this scenery, a favorite subject in many ukiyo-e prints, backed by years of history and fame, attracts a great number of tourists to pray at its shrines.
The sea of Shōnan is visible from anywhere on the island, and the island's many shops are stocked with its bountiful fresh fish. Enoshima is a wonderful place to enjoy Shōnan's beautiful ocean.
Enoshima shrine is very famous in Enoshima.
There is an escalater that makes everyone easy to go to the top. Ocean view of Shonan area is amazing.




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