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Great Buddha located at Kōtoku-in Temple, Kamakura

This is the Great Buddha located at Kōtoku-in Temple.
Historical records are sparse about both the temple and the statue, and no single solid answer exists to the question of who built them and why.
One of the few existing records, the history book Azumakagami from the Kamakura period, claims that the original statue was made of wood, and twice as large as the existing one.
However, a storm destroyed it, and the current Great Buddha, the second such statue in Kamakura, was built of copper.
Though the statue has not changed since, later disasters destroyed the hall around it.
Although such statues are normally kept inside appropriate buildings, this Great Buddha in Kamakura has since been exposed to the open sky.

Another famous Great Buddha exists in Nara, but a decisive difference exists between the two: the one in Nara has been continually repaired by the replacement of individual parts, to the point that little of the original statue remains today.
This statue has undergone maintenance as well, but it has the distinction of remaining in almost the same state as it was first built in.

The interior is hollow, and with the purchase of a viewing ticket, visitors may enter the statue and see the inside of it.
This straw sandals' size is 2m and tailored to the foot of the Great Buddha.
This straw sandals is dedicated from a child board in Ibaraki prefecture with a with of "please go out for a walk wearing this straw sandals".




8:00~17:30(Apr.〜Sep.) 8:00~17:00(Oct.〜Mar.)Admission fee 200 yen




4-2-28 Hase,Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa