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Gyoza dumpling house at Utsunomiya station

Gyoza dumpling is a beloved food of Utsunomiya, where a number of Gyoza restaurants are located. Utsunomiya city is ranked at the top for the annual consumption of Gyoza and for this reason, the city is known as Gyoza town in Japan.
Because Japanese Gyoza is said to be originated from here at Utsunomiya and that is because the veterans brought the food culture of the continent as there was division headquarters of the Russo-Japanese War.
Characteristic of Japanese Gyoza is to include garlic to clean away smell of meat whereas Chinese Gyoza does not put garlic in it. As the flavor of the garlic is matching with dumplings, garlic has been used as ingredients since then in Japan.

Here is one of the Gyoza restaurants, "Utsunomiya Gyoza house". There are more than 30 different kinds of Gyoza menu available in grilled Gyoza, fried Gyoza, and boiled Gyoza. Unique menu includes mushroom Gyoza and cheese Gyoza.
There is a statue of their mascot standing in front of the shop called "stamina Kenta" and the restaurant offers a unique menu called "Kenta Gyoza", the name of this mascot. The most popular menu at the restaurant is this Kenta Gyoza and red miso is blended inside. Red miso makes the taste a very rich deep flavor. It is recommended to to try without dipping into the sauce first. Original taste of ingredients can be enjoyed.








1-6 Miyamirai, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture 321-0969