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"Hachibei tea shop" Fish‐shaped soba flavored pancake filled with bean paste.

"Saten (teahouse) Hachibei" is located on the way to Hodosan (Mt. Hodo) from Nagatoro Station.
Taiyaki, fish style pancake with red bean inside, here uses buckwheat flour, which is very sweet with buckwheat aroma mixed.
(Usually taiyaki is made ​​with wheat flour.)
Unique controversy will occur frequently in Japan whether to ear from the head or tail.

Here you can also enjoy variety of Japanese sweets. Take time and relax in the house of real Shitamachi (down town) style if it suits your schedule.
Kaki-gori (a chilled sweet made with shaved ice flavored with syrup) is quite popular in the summer time. The natural ice made by Asami-reizo is used, which you can eat in only 3 places in Japan. This impurity-free ice full of minerals is made from the mountain runoff water in the Hodo-zan (Mount Hodo) of Nagatoro area. The ice shaving, Kakigori, made with a traditional method since the Heian Period is a must-taste if you are visiting in summer.
Take a bite of the crisply baked dough, then you will find full of crushed bean jam inside.
Sweet taste of red bean jam matches with the aroma of buckwheat flour.







532−4 Nagatoro, Chichibu District, Saitama