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Hidden shrines in Ueno park

Ueno Park is located right next to Ueno Station. There are a few museums, galleries, historical architectures and even a zoo. There is a bit quieter area on the farthest side of the park, which is where the one temple and two shrines are located.

The one above is Kiyomizu Kannon, the main temple of which is in Kyoto, and this has the smaller version of the wooden balcony like there is in the main temple.
Its typical architecture painted vermilion, and calm secondary building reflects Japanese traditional architects' approach to the beauty.
Another one is called Toshogu which is famous for its superb decorations, and this is the branch of the main shrine in Nikko, Tochigi-prefecture.
Hundreds of stone lanterns are placed along the approach to the main precinct is simply so mystical.
The highlight is the main building, which has reconstructed in 2013 based on the original design, will surely overwhelm you. However it is not only that building that will amaze you. On the way back to the Ueno Park, you will see the Gojuuno-To (five storied pagoda) on your left hand side.

Hanazono Inari Shrine has its unique atmosphere thanks to the Torii following the approach and the woods covering the whole area around the Shrine. The God of Marriage is worshiped here in Hanazono Inari.



Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo