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'Iriyama Senbei' The oldest Senbei (rice cracker) shop in Asakusa, Tokyo

This shop is 'Iriyama Senbei' that is located along the Sushi street in Asakusa.
Since the shop was opened 100 years ago, their product has been only " Iriyama senbei (rice cracker)".
After the dough was placed in the Sun for 3 days, grill with charcoal and season with thick soy sauce. Depending on the temperature and humidity, they control the length of drying in the Sun and grill timing, which is exactly craftsmanship technique.

People purchase a large quantity of Iriyama Senbei at once as souvenir, but 1 piece of senbei is also sold at price of 130 yen.
Senbei is usually priced at less than 100 yen, so this is considered expensive type of senbei. This is because of the senbei's thickness. This senbei is so thick that must be grilled with charcoal instead of gas burners, which makes the price higher than anybody else.

Taste of just-grilled senbei, which has never been changed since 100 years ago, is awesome and this definitely worth paying for more than 100 yen.
In the shop, you will be able to closely observe the senbei craftsman grilling senbei carefully one by one in front of Nagahibachi, long charcoal brazier.
Unchanging taste and making process since 1914 has been kept by these craftsman.
It is a very valuable shop to disseminate the beauty of old days to modern age.



10:00〜18:00 (closed on Thursdays)




1-13-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo