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Kagurazaka, Dine and Shopping in Traditional Manner.

Kagurazaka is the area located in Shinjuku district and has been the area where people come and enjoy the entertainment, food and shopping. Even today there are quite a few luxurious and traditional Japanese restaurants around in the area.
At the same tone there are several new restaurants which serves great range of Sake in more reasonable price. Some of the restaurants uses the renovated ex-private house that you can enjoy the foods and drinks as if you're in your friend's house.
What's interesting about those restaurants is that you will not find any of them on high street, but most of them are hidden between the alleyways which makes it more and more interesting to explore the area.

There are a few shops which we recommend to visit, such as this lacquer ware shop called Yamashita Shikki-Ten and a shop which sells hand-crafted sundry products, La Ronde d' Argile.

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There's also a local Sento (public bath) in Kagurazaka as well. If you consider yourself as the Japanese culture expert, you might want to take a bath there.



Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo