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Kanda Myojin Shrine protects tradition of Tokyo

Kanda Myoujin in Soto-Kanda is located near Akihabara.
Kanda Myojin Shrine has a history of nearly 1,300 years in Edo-Tokyo.
During the Edo Period, it guarded everyone from generals to Edo people as "Edo Sochinju (the center place to pray for local gods)"

Even now Kanda Myojin Shrine keeps the wonderful traditional culture of Edo
and guards the central Tokyo which repeats developments and creativities continuously as "Soujigami (general local Shinto deity)" of 108 towns like Kanda, Nihonbashi, Akihabara, Marunouchi etc.
Kanda Myojin Shrine's "Ujikomachi (the towns of shrine parishioner)", 108 towns in Tokyo have life of people and a lot of cultures,

・Kanda - a original old town, which keeps the spirits of "Edokko (the natives of Edo)"
- Nihonbashi - Towns crowded with traditional stores, passing down the clothing, food and sheltering cultures of Edo
- Akihabara - A treasury of technology and sub-cultures
- Marunouchi - A business town crowded with industrial giants representing Japan

The shrine protects these towns which carry both tradition and creation.

Also being called the god of IT, you can purchase IT-related lucky charms at Kanda Myojin -- A unique and distinctive character of a shrine surrounded by the electronics quarter and the business district.
As the location is quite near to Akihabara and also being a locale of an anime, you can see many Ema (votive pictures) with various characters.
From amateur to professional, thousands of Ema is hung along the wall. You can catch the latest trend just by looking at these drawings.






2-16-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo