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"Kappabashi Tool Street" with tool shops is a must-see, Asakusa, Tokyo

Kappabashi tool street is Japan's largest tool street with 90 years of history.
The street has been gathered with specialty shops of various tools, such as tableware materials, cookware & food, and food samples. Shop that sells kitchen supplies has a total of more than 170 goods and all the necessary tools for cooking can be purchased in this shop.

Although this shopping street was originally made for merchant to purchase various tools for professional use, but unique products, such as food sample, caught the eye of tourists and now, it became a popular destination for tourists.
Lanterns that sometimes you see in Japan can be purchased here. This is a recommended place to come if you are looking for a unique Japan souvenir like no other.
By the way, there is a specter of "Kappa" that has been handed down to be living in the riverside in Japan .
If the name of this street thought of this, you must be super familiar with Japan.

This area was poorly drained wetlands and about 200 years ago, a man named "Kappa-ya Kihachi" began maintenance the area by selling his own assts to make money.

It did not go smoothly at the beginning, but Kappa who was looking at this was impressed with Kihachi's job and decided to help, and finally completed by working night after night.
Since then, it is said that if you see Kappa, then the business would thrive.

There are other theories, but this episode has been said to be the origin of the kappa-bashi.






Nishiasakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo