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"Kashiya-Yokocho (Candy-Store Alley)" still has the nostalgic atmosphere

There is "Candy-Store Alley" which cheap candy stores that becomes fewer as time went on are standing in a row.
This Candy-Store Alley had opened in 1796, and it started when Suzuki Tozaemon had made unaffected candy which native of Edo like in this town flourished as Monzen-machi of Youjyuin.
And then a few popular-priced candy stores increased because they could be set up their own business, they began to produce and supply cheap candy instead of Tokyo which was damaged by Great Kanto Earthquake.
At present, around 20 popular-priced candy stores while still retaining the atmosphere at that time are maintaining Candy-Store Alley.

Surrounded by various types of candies, deciding which of the unique candies to buy, you will find yourself lost in time.
This is a street where you can try traditional Japanese sweets such as neri ame and dango, with the aroma of the burnt sauce.
Would you like to experience the nostalgic Showa era that young boys enjoyed?
Candy stores are lined up with colorful glasses that are displayed on the pavings on the road.
Telephone poles are also painted in brown, matching the atmosphere of the street.





2-9-1 Motomachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama