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Kawagoe Matsuri Kaikan where a real "Float" is displayed in Kawagoe

The specialty of Kawagoe city is "Kawagoe Matsuri", or Kawagoe Hikawa Festival, one of the three major Kanto area festivals. (This festivals lasts for 2 days. On the third Saturday and Sunday of October every year.)

As the float with the god on it parades through the city , the city can receive the god's divine virtue and the people wish the happiness and prosperity of the city. This festival is designated as the significant intangible folk cyltural asset of the country, and the Hall of Kawagoe Matsuri was opened in 2003 in order to exhibit materials and to preserve the tradition. It is a folk museum which shows how the rites and festival has changed and its background, the visual scenes of festivals including preparations, and Kiyari and Hayshi(music). The building of the museum is designed as "Kura-dukuri".

In exhibition hall, there are usually two floats that are displayed at all times, which are used in Kawagoe Festival. Also on Sundays and holidays, demonstration of musical accompaniment can be seen. (at 1:30pm and 2:30pm)
Even if you may not be able to participate in Kawagoe Festival, the real luxurious floats and video of actual festival are always played, so it is possible by all means to try to touch the history of Kawagoe Festival .
These are Edo style Kawagoe type floats of past, which were completed by Kawagoe craftsmen.
Kawagoe floats became gorgeous enough to exceed those of the Edo family since the big festival in 1901.
Amounts related to a single floats used in these festivals is is said to be up to billion yen. It arrived to the current size while adding little by little every year.




9:30〜18:30(Apr.〜Sep.)9:30〜17:30(Oct.〜Mar.) Entrance fee: 300 yen




2−1−10 Motomachi, Kawagoe,Saitama