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Kushiro-shitsugen (marsh) National Park, Hokkaido

Kushiro-shistsugen, Kushiro marsh, is the largest marsh in the country. The Kushiro river and the vast moor are visible from observatories in the park. Sacred cranes (Grus japonensis) breed in the marsh. There are lakes and marshes such as Lake Toro and Shirarutoro marsh in the eastern part of the park.

Kushiro-shitsugen National Park extends over four different municipalities--Kushiro City, Kushiro Town, Shibecha Town, and Tsurui Village--and provides visitors with observation and hiking facilities throughout the park.

◆Hoso-oka Observatory
Hoso-oka Observatory is located at a spot in hilly terrain from where the finest panoramic view of the Kushiro Marsh can be obtained. An extensive survey can be made of the Kushiro River that meanders through the landscape of this flat wetland. On clear days, the Akan Mountain Range can be seen in the distance.

◆Onnenai trails (Onnenai Visitor Center)
The Onnenai trails are located in the western part of the Kushiro Marsh. Wooden trails to allow visitors to walk inside the marsh and explore the vegetation and wildfowl that are indigenous to this marsh have been built. The option of exploring this area in winter using cross-country skis is also popular among visitors. Check out the latest field data made available at the Onnenai Visitor Center situated at the starting point of these trails.

◆Lake Toro
Many large and small lakes and swamps dot the east side of the Kushiro Marsh. Lake Toro is one of the three largest examples of these bodies of water. Sarubo Observatory commands an amazing view of a cluster of lakes and swamps to which Lake Toro belongs. In recent years, canoeing has caught on among visitors to such an extent that a course that permits one to travel from Lake Toro to Hoso'oka down the Kushiro River is highly popular. In winter, a phenomenon known as Omiwatari, marked by upheavals on the surface of a frozen lake, can be seen. Ice fishing for pond smelt is another favorite activity in these parts. The Lake Toro Eco-Museum Center, campgrounds, and other facilities have been built or otherwise set up on the shores of Lake Toro for your enjoyment.

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Kushiro, a part of Kawakami and Akan area in Hokkaido