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Maguro-Mart bar in Nakano specialized in Maguro (Tuna) cuisine

Maguro has been consumed by Japanese people since pre-era and has been very popular in Japan. The Tsukiji Market which is located on coastside of Tokyo has been the central market for the last few centuries and this is where Itamae (Japanese chef) stock the ingredients to serve their customers everyday.
Mr Osaka, the owner of the Maguro Mart is very passionate to spread the excellence of Maguro (Tuna) and decided to open the Maguro Bar in Nakano in 2011, then the current shop which originally was the building of wholesale paper store has been renovated and opened in early 2015.

Maguro served there are usually stocked from Tsukiji Market as it has previously mentioned, as well as the markets in Kanagawa, Shizuoka and Aichi prefectures. Those Maguros which are sold in markets come from Kyushu, Kanto (Chiba) and Tohoku region (Aomori).
Maguro Mart Mori is their special plate, consists of 6 parts (varies according to the stock) of Tuna including some rare parts you won't get to eat in sushi shops, and this is not only rare but has both quality and quantity in the same dish.
They also have range or Sake and Shochu from across the country, as well as the seasonal Sake such as Hiyaoroshi (Sake for summer, with lighter and fruity flavour) and Shinsyu (Sake for Winter , made with freshly cropped rice in autumn). They buy single bottle from different brewer which allows you to taste many different Sake if you visit there a few days after.




5pm-11:30pm (Closed on Sunday)




B102 1−14−16 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo