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Meet up place is this statue of Hachiko in Shibuya

Bronze statue Hachikō is at Shibuya Station Square.
It is known in Japan as Shibuya symbol "faithful dog Hachiko" and was born in Odate, Akita Prefecture in 1923.
It is kept in the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Agriculture, petted by Professor Eizaburo Ueno , and the dog always go to send him to work and meet him again after the work.

However, unfortunately Dr. Ueno is suddenly died in 1925, it was decided to have someone that can replace him to pet and owns the dog.
But, Hachiko has still continued facing a believe of the return of the master in Shibuya for about ten years. It is beginning that local volunteers have been touched by the appearance of that scene and has built a statue for the memorial.

For that reason, meet up place in Shibuya became "in front of Hachiko statue" and it is well loved with people.

There is a Hachiko festival every year on April 8th in front of Shibuya station, though it's been 70 years since Hachiko passed away.
Actually in 2015, Hachiko was able to meet professor Ueno after 90 years.

Professor Ueno was teaching at Tokyo University and a volunteer group from the faculty of agriculture was able to establish a statue of "Hachiko and Dr. Ueno". Unveiling ceremony was held on March 8 of 2015, which corresponds to 80 year of the anniversary, the statue expresses the Hachiko jumps to Dr. Ueno who came to pick up.

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2-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo