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Meiji Jingu Shrine is an oasis in Tokyo Metropolis

Meiji-jingu, the shrine which has the largest number of worshippers for New Year's visit, enshrines the Emperor and the Empress Meiji.
It was established in 1920, during the national public movement caused by the Emperor Meiji's worshippers after his death.

Trees in the huge shrine, which is known as an urban oasis, were not originally there but planted when the shrine was established. They were expected to make a perfect natural forest after 100 years.
Meiji-jingu is having its 100th anniversary in 2010. It has been told that the trees grew quite rapidly and made a perfect natural forest in less than 100 years.

This is quite natural, Meiji Shrine locates on the area where "Ryumyaku" from Mt.Fuji to Imperial Residence join. "Ryumyaku" power's routes inside in the ground. Meiji Shrine is the strong power spot where is full of the earth's energy.

As a feature of Meiji Shrine, they don't have " Omikuji" with good or bad luck like other shrines have. People can't leave Omikuji tying up on the shrine precinct like usual shrine.
Instead of that, people pick a ticket and get it as " Oomikokoro" , take it back to their house and read them.
There are Emperor's poetry and waka which is japanese traditional poetry on it . And also there is their examination.
There are many wooden votive tablets hung round the huge sacred tree wearing sacred straw ropes. (500 yen per tablet)
If you are writing on a paper, there will be no cost incurred; however, you would need to insert some money into an envelope and put into a box.



1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo