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Mt. Amagi (#73 of the famous 100 mountains in Japan)

What is one hundred mountains in Japan?:

Amagi-san, one of Japan's Famous 100 Mountains, is the highest mountain on the Izu-Hanto and is a dormant volcano in the same chain as Fuji-san directly to the north. The central crater is now difficult to distinguish but supposedly lies southwest of present-day Amagi-san, near Shirota-yama. There is no actual peak called Amagi-san but the track crosses the two highest points that together form the mountain. The start of the trail is at 1040m (3412ft), leaving only a 360m (1181ft) ascent to the high point of the track, then a long but fairly easy downhill hike to the bus stop at 650m (2132ft).

This central part of the peninsula has its own microclimate, creating a temperate rainforest rich in plant life quite different from the surrounding coastal areas. The hills are covered in Japanese maple and beech, with rhododendron and heather combining in a variety of colours, best seen at the end of May.
This walk requires careful planning. In order to meet the last bus of the day from the end of the trail back towards Tokyo, it is wise to be on the first bus of the day at 8am from Ito. With Ito at least two hours from Tokyo it may be best to incorporate this day hike into a weekend in the Izu-Hanto area, combining the walk with a visit to some of the many onsen to be found on the peninsula. During the winter months when the Amagi-Kogen golf course is closed, the bus service from Ito to the start of the track may be limited or discontinued. A large car park with toilet facilities built for hikers is available all year round at Amagi-Kogen golf course.




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