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"Myojinshita" at Kandagawa, the authentic Unagi (eel) restaurant.

Chic family restaurant offering warm service and traditional Tokyo-style cuisine, including tender and flavorful young eels

The pride of our restaurant is our well-rounded, spicy sauce, handed down through generations. Our eel is dipped into the sauce three times, before being grilled.
This dish creates perfect harmony between the eel, the sauce and the rice. Another of our specialities is young eel, taken from the pond at less than a year of age. This gives these eels a flavor and tenderness that you can't get from older eels.
Mr. Tabe's wife is in charge of the customer area. She stands out in the front of the restaurant and warmly greets customers, inviting them into the restaurant.
We offer you the kind of warm service you can only get from a family business.
Our simple Japanese-style room can accommodate any size group of up to 20 people. Although the room has seen much business over the years, it has been lovingly maintained and remains in the chic Edo style, which perfectly matches the eel.
A third generation artisan, earnestly continuing the craft dating back to the Edo period

Kenichi Tabe was born in Tokyo in 1961. For as long as our chef can remember, he has been brought up surrounded by eel cuisine and, upon turning 20, he set out on the road to become a full blown eel master. Inheriting the Tokyo style of preparing eel, he continued the mastery that has been handed down through generations, earning the trust of regular customers.




11:30〜14:00 16:30〜21:00(Closed on Tuesdays)




1-9-1 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo