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Nakano is a subcultural town in Tokyo, yet warming traditional place

Nakano is a town located on the west of Shinjuku, and the area is known for the city of subculture. There is a shopping complex called Nakano Broadway just 5 minutes away from the Nakano Station and there is a famous shop called Mandarake which sells any kind of anime-related products. There is no only Mandarake but also several hobby shops which sells models, antique watches and so on as well as dairy goods.

There are almost like a hundred pubs around in the area as well; quite a few of them serves fresh fishes which come from Tsukiji Market every morning.
Here are the two pubs which do great Sashimi/fish dishes for moderate prices.
-Maguro Market
-Uchikoshi Sakaba

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As you walk pass the Nakano Broadway and cross the Waseda Street, it gets much more quieter residential area with some local shops and cafes, which makes you feel you're far away from central Tokyo although it's just 10 minutes away from Shinjyuku. Up north, there is the Arai-Yakushi Baishoin Temple. It has been said that it cures your eye illness if you pray here since it is believed that it cured the ailment of a child of Tokugawa Hidetada.




5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo