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'Nikugatou' Excellent Yakiniku Restaurant in Tokyo

Nikugatou, specialized in lean beef, is certainly one of the best Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo. Their uniqueness is not only the name of the restaurant, which is a mix word of meat and appreciation, but their preparation to the beef prior to serving to customers is spectacular. Not only that, they have persistence with how the meat is cut, what sauce is used, how it should be roasted, etc... The method from A to Z is deeply considered without compromise.

Mr. Miura, owner of Nikugatou, spent a year just to eat Yakiniku and visit farmers throughout the country before he opened up this restaurant in May, 2014. From his one year travel, he found that there are still a lot of tasty "wagyu" in this country.He wishes to communicate the value of lean beef by proving pleasure Yakiniku experience with tasty beef.
They have a list of alcohol from wine to sake that also matches with the beef. Delicious food does not just end with the beef, but it continues to dessert. Their shaved ice is one of a kind. Texture is hard to explain, but it is like eating powder snow. This is something worth to try.

Beauty of Japan exclusive prix-fixe dinner is available upon request! This plan is only available through Beauty of Japan.
You will be able to enjoy 16 different parts of beef including beef nigiri (sushi) and beef sashimi at reasonable pricing!

Dinner with sumo wrestler can be here:

VIP room is available for a party of 8 or more (max. 15 persons).
A personal chef will cook for you in a private room as well as provide explanation of the menu in English.
Please contact us for availability.




17:00-24:00 (except for Sundays until 23:00. Closed on Sundays.)




1 Chome-6-7 Nihonbashihoridomechō, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan