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Nostalgic mom-and-pop snack shop on "Plush Street" in Shibamata, Tokyo

Mom-and-pop candy shop that many people would have passed through with coins in hand when they were kids.
Here at "Haikara Yokocho (plush street)" is reproducing the old-days candy shop in Showa period of time, which has very much old-fashioned retro taste.

What's fun about this old days looking candy shop is simply the variety of snacks that were seen years ago. Unique candies include snacks that can be a whistle, very sour tasting gum, and those comes with fortune papers and toys.
Now you can buy snacks at supermarkets and convenience stores today, but a decade ago, kids used to gather at this kind of candy shop and enjoyed snacks with various freebies.

Kind of snacks include cigarette-looking candy and beer-looking juice. Kids also play with game machines set in a shop.
Candy shop is filled with such "fun dreams".
There are pinball game which makes the place nostalgic. There is also a shooting game.
On the second floor, there is a little toy museum which would certainly hook kids to adults.
This place is fun to watch and eat.
How about touching the charm of such old-days of Japanese candy shop?








7-3-12 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo