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Oden vending machine - specialty at Akihabara, Tokyo

In Japan, which is known as a lot of vending machine country, there is a unique kind as well, that is, Oden vending machine at Chichibu denki shop in Akihabara.
Actually, Akihabara, Japan's largest electric town, has been referred to as the "origin which raised the presence of Oden cans across the country."

Because, "Chichibu electricity shop" who sells computer parts introduced "Oden can" to raise the sales of vending machine during winter time where usually sales declines. With its ease of purchase and rare item, Oden can became popular as the hidden Akihabara specialty.
At present, Oden cans also have been sold at normal temperature as souvenirs at Chichibu electrical store (3F of building). (※ Chichibu electricity shop is closed on Sundays. Vending machine is 24/7.

There are other unique cans sold on this vending machine. Please check it out when you have a chance to visit.
There are a number of vending machines, but this is probably the only vending machine that is well loved by tourists.
There is a crane game specialty store "Akihabara Crane Institute" on the first floor of the building.
There are original items that can only get here and cosplay staff welcomes the customers.



3−12−15 Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo