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"Oshima Shinjuku" Authentic Kaga Ryouri cuisine can be enjoyed.

On the opening day of Oshima's Takanawa location, I tried a dish called "Kenroku".
I was truly impressed by the deliciousness and the depth of the flavors there.
In order to take on Oshima's signature flavor, I worked on combing presentation and taste through trial and error.
I meticulously prepare each dish to create beautiful food abundant in taste.
Suzu salt from the Noto region is produced using a unique high-tide collection method, which hasn't changed in the last 500 years.
It is characterized by a profound, robust flavor full of minerals and blessed by the sea.
It is essential in drawing out the pleasant flavors of fresh seafood. My sense of service lies in presenting food that brings happiness to my diners, day after day.
There are certain principles that I uphold as a chef such as approaching everything I do with sincerity, and considering the feelings of each of my guests as I prepare food for them.
Enjoy lunch from a reasonable 1950 yen.
With a full selection of sweets, our shop is perfect for enjoying a snack on the way home from shopping.
Cooking with wholehearted sincerity for the happiness of his customers. A chef fulfilling his grand intentions.

Hiroyuki Saito was born in 1964 in Ibaraki prefecture. A life-long love of cooking was what set him on the road to becoming a chef - he had become used to holding a kitchen knife from an early age. After graduating from Oda Cooking College, he opened "Oshima". In spite of a gap, he has put one foot in front of another in his culinary life at "Oshima". This is his seventh year of experience at the famous Shinjuku location. "Once in a lifetime", "Decide the truth and the expression of things", "Consider first the feelings of those you cook for" and other sayings comprise the seven beliefs he holds as a chef, as he strives to always approach cooking with a sincere attitude.




11:00〜22:00 (Closed on Mondays)




Odakyu Hulk 8F, 1-5-1 Nishi Shinjuku , Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo