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"Otaru Masazushi Shinjuku" Seasonal fresh Sushi direct from Otaru

The flavor and freshness of seafood brought in directly from Otaru, Hokkaido.

We offer sushi and sashimi (raw slices) that highlight the seasonal ingredients caught in Hokkaido, so none of our signature dishes are offered the whole year round.
We're confident that we know which will be the most delicious to eat that day, and recommend those. Our fish wholesaler is in Hokkaido's Otaru City, and that's where we get 70% of our ingredients shipped from.
We have the morning's catch delivered to us by air, so the freshness of our seafood is exceptional.
The original shop from which Masazushi Shinjuku comes is in Otaru, as well: a well-established sushi restaurant founded over 70 years ago. We endeavor to impart that history with our Hokkaido ingredients and our interior decorations, like our glass buoys.
There aren't many restaurants that offer ingredients like this, even in Tokyo, particularly when it comes to our sea urchin and botan shrimp - we're always able to stock high quality. If you want to savor delicious sushi that tastes like you ate it in Otaru, make your way here.
Raised in the city of Choshi in Chiba, his love of fish turned into a yearning to become a sushi craftsman.

Tetsuya kase was born December 16th, 1972. A native of Chiba Prefecture's Choshi City. He loved fish. There were always fish on the dinner table at home, to the point that he too wanted a job handling fish as a child. He longed to be a crafstman more than a cook, so after graduating from school, he found employment as a sushi chef. He worked at individual restaurants, then chain sushi shops, and in 2012 become assistant manager here.








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