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"Oya stone" underground quarry site

Can you believe this is in underground?

This underground quarry site is 20,000 square meters with the depth of 30m. This is as big as baseball field!
Oya stone was mined from 1919 to 1986 here and this enormous underground space was left. Oya stone is light and soft, which is easy to process and used for building material, such as outer wall and storehouse for a long time.

Until the digging machine was introduced in 1950's, people were hand digging the stone. Wall still remains after the usage of pickaxe. This landscape reminiscent of a giant underground construction and this unique space is used for a variety of events including concerts, art exhibitions, wedding, and various events.
This is worker's "uniform" and digging tools in the old days. They were carrying super heavy (about 70kg) stone on their back by tightening rope to their body.

You will see the remains of chain saw on the wall as you walk down, whereas the remains of axe are left in upper part of the site. This shows the history of before and after the mining machine was introduced.


Average temperature inside the site is 8 degrees Celsius. It is highly recommended to rent a free blankets available at the entrance if you did not bring a jacket.



9:00〜17:00 (Last entry is 16:30)




909 Oya-cho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi