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"Robatayaki Zekkocho Teppen Shinjuku" by vegetable and sake sommelier

Enjoy our vegetable sashimi in a lively restaurant suitable for business entertainment or just to relax

We love to surprise you with our new ways of preparing vegetables, both cooked and raw. So we created this sashimi for your enjoyment with miso (fermented soy bean sauce) and a variety of over ten different vegetables. All our vegetables are fresh and organically grown on the farms of Hokkaido or Kamakura. Our fish is always perfectly fresh; sometimes we buy it direct from the fishermen. Food is prepared at the counter and not only looks delicious, but tastes delicious too! Our lively restaurant is popular for business entertainment and we also have semi-private rooms where you can relax while enjoying your meal.
A chef and vegetable sommelier who wants to deliver up vegetables' true flavor

Shota Tanaka was born in 1987 and coming from Tokyo, his family ran a restaurant where he helped out, thus getting his start towards being a chef. Wanting to see the wider world, he stepped away from helping at the family shop and trained at izakayas (Japanese gastropub) and the like. At Zekkocho Teppen, he began handling a wide variety of vegetables and, so that he might not simply introduce the ingredients to his customers but also provide a proper and scholarly explanation, he gained certification as a vegetable sommelier. He's come to learn again the depth and richness of vegetables, realizing a wide expanse of cuisine.








Sankei 55 Bldg. 9F, 1-2-6 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo