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Robot Restaurant x Unique Culture Experience Packages "BOJ Exclusive" Plans!

Introducing Beauty Of Japan exclusive package deals of "Entrance to Robot Restaurant and various selection of unique culture experience programs".

This package includes the following:
- Entrance ticket to Robot Restaurant
- Experience program fee
- Reservation arrangement
*Tax and service charges are also INCLUDED.

Needless to say, Robot Restaurant was selected as 2014 Trip Advisor #16 popular destination in Japan and their performance show became one of the most famous and popular entertainment. How about enjoying unique experience before watching the robot restaurant performance? Some of our unique experience programs are Beauty Of Japan exclusive and can only find here. Do not miss this great opportunity deal!

◆About Robot Restaurant
Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku is one of the most famous entertainment town in Tokyo. Robot restaurant is located in the heart of Kabuki-cho.
10 billion yen construction cost. An extraordinary live show where robot walk around.
A fusion of Japanese culture and robots. A new sensory experience that no one has ever seen before.
Music, dance, and technology fused into one show. One-of-a-kind entertainment.
Travelers from all over the world visit Robot Restaurant. Voted as the 16th most popular tourist attraction in Japan on trip advisor. A Japanese attraction which leaves tourists impressed.

Robot Restaurant Single Entrance Ticket <6,700 yen> :

Experience Program Deals
◆Sushi Making Lesson with Shabu-Shabu for Lunch+Robot restaurant <13,400 yen~>
Enjoy sushi making lesson with sushi chef. After the experience, you will have a chance to eat what you made as well as shabu-shabu.

◆Washoku Cooking Lesson + Robot restaurant <18,700 yen~>
Experience traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine, which is "Meal consisting of soup, three side dishes and rice"

◆Kimono/Yukata wearing experience + Robot restaurant
coming soon!
Experience traditional Japanese Kimono or Yukata. You may also walk the town in Yukata and bring the Yukata back to home!

◆Samurai Experience + Robot restaurant <19,000 yen~>
Learn real samurai technique from clan whose generation actually worked for shogunate.

◆Ninja Experience + Robot restaurant <19,000 yen~>
Learn real ninja technique from clan whose generation actually worked for shogunate.

◆Asakusa/Ryougoku Walking with Sumo Wrestler +Robot restaurant <19,400 yen~>
Walking program in Asakusa and Ryougoku with sumo wrestler who will show you the sumo town and popular spots.

More plans to come!!
Besides dinner plan, there are "Special dinner + Robot restaurant" package deal as well as "culture experience + dinner + Robot restaurant" package deal

◆"Special dinner + Robot restaurant" package deal:
Enjoy special prix-fixe dinner followed by show entertainment at robot restaurant
There is a wide variety of restaurants available and this would eliminate your rush or confusion in finding restaurants and choosing menu.

◆"Culture experience + dinner + Robot restaurant" package deal: Coming soon!
This plan includes the whole exciting experiences that would definitely be a memorable experience.


For booking or any inquiries, please visit each event page or simply e-mail us through "contact us" form below.