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Robot Restaurant: Japan's #1 Entertainment Show

Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku is one of the most famous entertainment town in Tokyo. Robot restaurant is located in the heart of Kabuki-cho.

10 billion yen construction cost. An extraordinary live show where robot walk around.
A fusion of Japanese culture and robots. A new sensory experience that no one has ever seen before.
Music, dance, and technology fused into one show. One-of-a-kind entertainment.
Travelers from all over the world visit Robot Restaurant. Voted as the 16th most popular tourist attraction in Japan on trip advisor.
A Japanese attraction which leaves tourists impressed.

Ticket is 7,000 yen. You can have a bento box for an additional fee of 1,000 yen. Advance reservation is needed.

ONNY from Mar. 18th to Apr. 23rd
4PM time slot is available!
Also there are 3 Benefits.
1: Photo chance with ROBOT
2: Senju-fuda sheet gift
3: Free snacks for kids

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◆Show schedule
1st  Door opens at 3:20pm Show starts at 4pm (on weekends and busy season only)
2nd Door opens at 5:15pm Show starts at 5:55pm
3rd Door opens at 7:10pm Show starts at 7:50pm
4th Door opens at 9:05pm Show starts at 9:45pm
※Schedule is subjected to change.




4pm to 11pm




1−7−1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo