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'Shibamata' remains the atomosphere of old-days in Showa period.

Shibamata in Katsushika, Tokyo is known for a famous movie series of 'Otoko-wa-tsuraiyo', which draws warm humanity comedy drama where "Tora-san", a main character, causes daily troubles.
Tora-san welcomes you as soon as you exit a station. And, if you walk a little, you will see a street that still remains the view from Showa period.

If you go through the gate with lanterns hung side-by-side, you will see a number of shops along the street including the traditional snack shop, which you hardly see nowadays and a rice dumpling shop that Tora-san's uncle was managing in a movie. (traditional snack shop is explained in a separate page.)

As soon as you walk until the end of the arcade with a variety of shops, "Shibamata Taishakuten" will jump into your eyes.
The main hall survived from the raid at the time of world war, which is very rare for the city of Tokyo. In the spring time, you'll be able to see wonderful lush garden.

Taste the rice dumplings and after a tour of the "Shibamata Taishakuten", let's move to Tora-san's Memorial building. You will be able to observe the town from Showa period of time, which can be enjoyed even if you have never seen a movie.
Of course, you will enjoy even more if you watch a movie prior to coming to the town.
Along the shopping arcade, there are a number of Japanese traditional food shops, such as Soba, Tempura, Dango (rice dumpling, and Kuzumochi (arrowroot cake). "Eating tour" of local Japanese food is also recommended.

By the way, don't forget to say "Bye!" to Tora-san when you leave the town. You might hear him saying "come back again!".