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'Shibuya Crossing' 3,000 people cross at one time.

This is the famous Shibuya crossing in front of Shibuya station where 3,000 people cross simultaneously at most.
This is very famous for being on movies or films.
Some people who were not aware of this intersection misunderstand as if there is a festival or event going on, but actually not. This is happening every day.

Hundreds of people are coming to you from every direction; however, it is rare to actually hit someone here.
There are a few bicyclists who pass by the crossing, but we would not recommend to do this if you are not used to this mess.

This crossing is said to be the busiest intersection; however, if you come to 3AM or 4AM in the morning, you may see no one is crossing here, which is extremely rare.
You may discover the silent crossing if you have a chance to walk around in the morning.
Tons of people standing on the other side.
When the signal changes, it would be a total mess.
Try cross the street without hitting anyone else.
Shoot a movie in the middle of the crossing and see people coming from 360 degrees.



Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo