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"Awajishima to Kurae" Seafood Izakaya in Shinjuku with private room

This luxurious dish features an original blend of octopus and bonito stock, slow-boiled until tender.
We start cooking it as soon as you order. The octopi from the Akashi Strait are subjected to fierce currents, and as a result they are meaty, with an excellent flavor.
We try to match our cooking to our guests' preferences and requests as much as possible.
We offer sashimi (raw fish slices) rolled the way you like them, and food cooked just the way you prefer.
We are open until 8:00am from Mondays to Fridays and on the evening of holidays.
You may enjoy steady servings of food and drink up until morning.
Located near Shinjuku Station and open 'til the morning.
Influenced by his parents' families, his dishes use only the freshest ingredients

Yoshio Gomi was born in Tokyo. His father came from a family of farmers and his mother's family was involved in the fishing industry. Because of this, from a young age he had an interest in farming and fishing. He enjoyed helping his mother cook with the fresh fish and vegetables that his parents' families would send, and that lead him on the path of becoming a chef. At 19 he graduated from Hattori Nutrition College, after which he started work at a Japanese restaurant in Osaka. After that, he worked at Sumishiba and Ichirikiya for three years.




[Monday to Saturday] 17:00〜08:00 [Sunday and national holidays] 16:00〜23:00




T-wing 2F , 1-6-2 Kabuki-cho , Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo