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Street Performers in Asakusa, known as town of talents.

When walking around Asakusa, you may encounter people really standing out. They are street performer.
Entertainment shows, which were popular in Kyoto and Osaka, came to Asakusa in early Edo period and it was crowded with a lot of observers watching performance.
West side of Sensoji Temple, where this performance was popular, was commonly referred to as "Okuyama".
It was said to be speaking of Edo sightseeing is "to watch the street performers in Okuyama after pilgrimage Asakusa Kannon".

"Town of talents" still remains there and even today, when walking around Okuyama, it is possible to see a variety of street performers. On weekends, events by street performers are held sometimes in Asakusa Rokku Broadway Street, Hanayashiki Street, and Nishi-sando area. If you have a chance to stop by Asakusa, it is recommended to find them by all means.
If you see people who wear strange clothing or people's crowd, perhaps you should stop and see what's going on. They will definitely bring a smile to you. 




Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo