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Tateishi Nakamise Shopping Street

Here "Tateishi" has become devastated land after the air raid during the war period. This shopping street was opened in 1954 as a black market during post-war period and has the long history since then.

There are five different shopping streets in front of Tateishi Station. It is interesting to see that each shopping street has different history and characteristics.
"Tateishi Nakamise shopping street" has not been changed its looking since 50 years ago and is highly recommended including grocery shop, Sozai-ya (prepared dish), fish shop, as well as Izakaya restaurants, such as Yakitori, Oden, and Croquettes, which you can eat and walk.

Price is affordable, so why don't you try tasting local Japanese food here?
There are a few Izakaya restaurants that opens from noon on the street.
As you can see in the picture above, local people sometimes make a line-up to drink!

It is chance to be a local Japanese by spending time in this town, sometimes called as the capital of shopping arcade.



1-20 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo