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"Tori (chicken)-katsu" restaurant that has 10 kinds to choose from, Shibuya, Tokyo

Here Showa retro restaurant, called "Tori-katsu", located in Shibuya.
When you enter inside, it is old-fashioned appearance enough to think here is really Shibuya.

Individual set meal style is to choose two kinds from cutlet menu of more than 10 kinds. (650 yen)
It is also possible to select course and grade up to 3 or 4 kinds.

Among the many fried food menu, "Torikatsu" is the to choose, which is also the restaurant's name.
This had an exceptional taste, there is enough of softness and juiciness collapse brilliantly at the moment when bite.
Soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, which sauce would you choose?

This restaurant has been well loved at reasonable price. Why don't you try to visit if you want to look at the deep Shibuya.
In rapidly changing restaurant environment in Shibuya, the only reason that this restaurant is continuing business is the great reputation by customers.
They have been there for over 40 years in Shibuya and it is always full of customers during their business hours.

・Chicken cutlet
・Pork cutlet
・Ham cutlet
・Fried squid
・Fried horse mackerel
・Fried minced meat
・Crab creme croquette
・Fried vegetables wrapped with meat
・Fried eggplant
・Fried onions



11:00〜15:00 17:00〜20:00(Closed on Weekends and public holidays)




2-16-19 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō