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"Torishige" authentic pork skewer restaurant in Shinjuku

Watch Chef Sakamaki make our new Tokyo speciality, "Layered Tongue," and our classic menu items from our unpretentious counter seats.
One dish of layered tongue comes from two pigs.
Since he uses the part of the tongue at the base of the throat that doesn't move, it is a tender dish, and the fat brings out its excellence.
On the outside, it is fragrant, and on the inside, crunchy. The delicious flavour spreads even more as you chew.
The third-generation owner, Mr. Sakamaki, would like you to experience the freshness of the sashimi for yourself.
He continues to keep the taste of the standard menu as it was before in order not to disappoint long-standing customers.
At the same time, as the third generation owner, he pays particular attention to the ingredients-the Japanese beef steak, the rare cuts, and even the vegetables, in order to pursue a new taste too. The unpretentious, fun counter is most suitable for dates.
Also, the left side of the counter has special seats in view of Mr. Sakamaki.
As he grills the next dishes, you'll be attracted by the best aroma of grilled offal, and, without realising, you'll be ordering alcohol and enjoying the conversation.
Whilst looking at the figures of his grandfather and father cooking, he joined the long line of people making grilled offal dishes.

Yuji Sakamaki is the third generation owner of the grilled cuisine restaurant 'Toshige', made in 1950. He entered this world at the age of 23 and afterwards, joined the line of 'Torishige' owners and decided on developing the art of grilling offal. His teachers were his grandfather, from the first generation and his father, from the second. Due to his father's sudden and early passing, he became the restaurant owner at a young age.




17:00〜25:00 (Closed on Sundays)




2-6-5 Yoyogi , Shibuya-ku, Tokyo