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Try famous "Imokoi" at Umon in Kawagoe, sweet potato and red bean paste!

In the Edo period, Kawagoe was known for its extremely high-quality sweet potatoes, called Kawagoe-imo.
Perhaps some trace of those days remains here at Umon, where Kawagoe's specialty snacks are made with sweet potato.
The most popular of these is called imokoi, a kind of manjū confection made with round-cut sweet potatoes and whole red bean paste wrapped in soft and chewy Japanese yams and glutinous rice flower.
Imokoi is popular for its mellow, sweet taste and springy texture, and due to the need for extremely precise workmanship, each one is carefully made by hand.

Of course, the yōkan (sweet bean jelly) and imo-okowa (steamed rice with yams) are also popular, and the main shop on Ichibangai street has an in-store teahouse where you can enjoy your snack on the spot.
Eating in-store gets you a discount ticket, so we recommend eating there before buying imokoi souvenirs on your way out.
Umon is well loved since the shop was established in 1957.
Imokoi are steamed in a bamboo steamer over-the-counter and people hung on the smell and walk towards the Umon.




9:00~18:00(snack shop) 11:00~17:00(tea shop)




1−6 Saiwaichō, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama