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"Tsurunoyu" is the oldest onsen place in Nyuto hot spring village

Tsurunoyu is the oldest place in Nyoto hot spring village and it was a spa of Akita-han. The thatch mansion of the samurai "HONJIN" still exists.

Nyuto Mountain's oldest and most popular onsen, Tsurunoyu was established in the 1600s, during the Edo Period, when it housed many elite government officials and members of royalty on their travels.
The onsen continues to hold its iconic title and offers guests a rustic and authentic stay with an irori, or sunken fireplace, to cook with and to heat up each room.
Tsurunoyu, which translates as "crane onsen," takes its name from the legend of a badly injured crane that soaked itself in the hot spring bath and was healed in its mineral-rich waters.

Bathing charges : 500 yen
Lodging charges : 8,790 〜 16,350 yen (※During the winter time, heating fees of 1,050 yen per room are charged.)




Hot spring / 10:00〜15:00 Lodging / 7:00〜22:00




50 Kokuyurin,Sendatsuizawa,Tazawa,Senboku-shi,Akita