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Uchikoshi-Sakaba, non-smoking sake bar in Nakano

Uchikoshi Sakaba is a bar located near Nakano Broadway, serves fresh Sashimi (raw fish) dishes and traditional foods, alongside with range of Sake and Japanese local wines.
This is one of the few non-smoking bar in Tokyo at the moment, and whole bar can be reserved as well (Max. 20 people).
The name Uchikoshi comes from the former geographical name of the area where this bar exists.
Uchikoshi Sakaba opened in April of 2014, as the branch of Aburi-Ya which is located on the first floor of the same building. They share more than a half of the food menu which allows Itamae (Japanese Chef) to stock in larger unit which makes it cheaper and fresher, and the foods are prepared by more than 5 top notch Itamaes who are standing by to serve both Uchikoshi Sakaba and Aburi-Ya.
Food menu and drink menu both changes depends on the availability as well as the seasonality, but there are more than enough to choose from all the time. There is Sake tasting available as well; 3 different Sakes in smaller quantity, price varies depends on the grade of Sake.

They stock their foodstuff from Tsukiji, Tokyo's biggest fish market, as well as from local fisherman in Miura Point in Kanagawa, who drives their truck to Nakano everyday to provide live fishes.



Weekdays 5pm-1am Holiday 3pm-11pm




5-56−2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo