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Warm Kotatsu cruise rise around Iwadatami in Nagatoro

You can ride on warm Kotatsu ship in Nagatoro and take a 20 minutes rhine cruise tour around Iwadatami on Arakawa river. (Adult 900 yen, Kids 500 yen)
The winter scenery around the Nagatoro ravine horizontal sheet of rock which is a natural monument can be enjoyed while warming up by unique total ship with kotatsu.

It's possible to judge Sekiheki of powerful "global, window" horizontal sheet of rock and Chichibu from a ship nearby. There is a place where brand-name spring water from Chichibu "Iwashimizu" drips from Akakabe, and it'll be possible to see Iwashimizu's beautiful icicle at cold time in particular. Besides you can also see a sucker swimming, and if, it's possible to sense nature in Nagatoro nearby further.

It's possible to bring foods and drinks in, so this ship may also be good for buying liquor and a specialty by a shopping area and enjoying oneself on Arakawa.
Arakawa flows gently.
You can enjoy a rhine cruise from Spring to Autumn, you can go down and make a daring to spray from upstream.




10:00〜15:00 January 1st〜End of February




452 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu District, Saitama