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Western Food Buffet

Western food buffet restaurants serve Italian, Spanish, and other cuisine from the world, such as crispy pizza, tasty pasta, antipasto with vegetables and seafood, and finally many kinds of desserts.

Restaurants are mainly for groups, but individuals are also welcome to come.
Lunch and dinner available. Price is usually more expensive on weekends and varies by location.
For more information and booking, please contact us.


Tokyo :
Aomi, Koto-ku (180 seats)

Osaka :
Rinku, Izumisano-shi (138 seats)

Kyoto :
Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi (116 seats)
All genre food buffet : URL
Japanese food buffet : URL
Seafood buffet :

Yakiniku/Teppanyaki : URL
Shabu-Shabu : URL