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Yojuin in Kawagoe is an old road place by the esoteric Buddhism

Kawakoshi Tsuneshige will be laying a foundation in 1244, and it's the temple which opened.

It was an old road place by the esoteric Buddhism, but this was changed into Soto Zen Buddhism from the Tendai Buddhist Denomination in 1535. (While general Mahayanist Buddhism (exoteric Buddhism) explains a doctrine by a word and the character widely to the people, esoteric Buddhism is called the one which explained a very mystical symbolism-like doctrine.)

I receive ten stones of red seal from Ieyasu in case of Tokugawa Ieyasu's Kanto entry, and it's said that Ieyasu dropped in here by falconry.

※Please consider a visit on the day Mr. supporter in the weekend and time Lantern Festival visits much.
It's written on a temple gate with "kunshu salmon ni iruwo yurusazu".
Meaning that vegetables that smell strong (onion, leek, garlic, etc.) interfere their training and liquor disturbs the mind, so people who ate these are not permitted to enter into this clean temple.





2 −11−1 Motomachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama