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'August 15th only' Fireworks festival in Chiba!

Enjoy one of the biggest fireworks show in Kisarazu. Dinner is also included in this program.      T […]

Don't miss the cherry blossom season!

This private taxi tour brings you the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo! Popular tour! Better to book […]

Beauty of Japan just released 'Sake lesson with tasting and 100 kinds of sake all-you-can-drink'!

Not just drink and enjoy sake, but learn how the sake is made and what kinds of sake there are with master. Af […]

We have released Private Tours with a chartered vehicle!

Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, & Osaka Complete Tour by Taxi (7 Days) This is your invitation to experience the m […]

Added 5 videos of our programs

1.  Senbei 'Rice Cracker' professional at Iriyama Senbei in Asakusa: Iriyama Senb […]

Updated Yukata/Kimono new programs

Kimono/Yukata wearing experience in Asakusa (Being Yukata back home) […]

We released 2 types of Mt. Fuji tour.

  - Mt. Fuji Sunrise Climbing 2 days tour with a bilingual guide - This is a climbing tour of Mt. Fuji. S […]

Updated the Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu restaurant articles

Kissho is specialized in Tofu, wagyu beef, and seasonal vegetables. All ingredients are from Japan including s […]

[May 21,28 only] Experience Tabi (Japanese socks) making & Lunch party

This program includes original tabi making experience with Japanese people including Japanese lunch with seaso […]

Press Release: partnership with Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

28th April, Tokyo, Japan - BOJ, Inc., operator of the portal website, Beauty Of Japan ( […]

Beauty Of Japan exclusive Robot Restaurant Special Package Deals

Enjoy Beauty Of Japan exclusive best package deals that include robot restaurant and unique culture experience […]

[May only] Funatogyo cruising experience at Kanda Festival in Tokyo/Myojin gourmet and Noh watching tour

Enjoy Kanda Matsuri, one of the three biggest festivals in Edo (Tokyo), from a boat. It's been 12 years since […]

Authentic Japanese Home Cooking Experience in Kamakura

  You can visit a local home to experience and enjoy a real Japanese meal with a professional Japanese co […]

National Park in Hokkaido:Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu/Shiretoko/Akan(Kawayu Area)/Daisetsuzan

Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park is the northernmost National Park in Japan. Mt. Rishiri soars majestical […]

Dinner with Sumo Wrestler / Watch Sumo morning practice

It is a special experience program where you will have a chance to eat dinner with Sumo wrestler in Asakusa. T […]

Kanda Myojin Shrine / Amazake shop "Amano-ya"

Kanda Myojin Shrine has a history of nearly 1,300 years in Edo-Tokyo. Also being called the god of IT. Anime E […]

Eat Yakiniku Dinner with Sumo Wrestler in Tokyo

This is an experience program where you will have a chance to eat one of the most delicious Yakiniku dinner in […]

"Awajishima to Kurae" / "Myojinshita" / "Momonja"

Luxurious sea food dish are cooked after order. Fresh sea food are direct from Akashi in Kobe.   http://b […]

"Asakusa Chanko-ba" / "Torishige" / "Oshima Shinjuku"

"Asakusa Chanko-ba" is the genuine Chanko restaurant in Asakusa that use black pork from Kagoshima. You can en […]

"Hachiko" / "Itamae Sushi Hanare" / "Otaru Masazushi"

Shibuya's symbol is this Hachiko. This dog waited for an "passed away" owner for 10 years. This makes Japanese […]

Kamakura~Shonan hiking tour incl. rickshaw ride and Shojin cuisine

This is a full-day program in Kamakura/Shonan area with a bilingual guide with nature walk, Shojin Japanese ve […]

Kawagoe Matsuri Kaikan where a real "Float" is displayed in Kawagoe

The specialty of Kawagoe city is "Kawagoe Matsuri", or Kawagoe Hikawa Festival, one of the three major Kanto a […]

"Aen" at Shinjuku Isetankan offers seasonal vegetable-based meals

They are always in pursuit of ways to prepare and cook seasonal vegetables to bring out their original flavors […]

"KURAND SAKE MARKET" All-you-can-drink 100 kinds of Sake!

At KURAND SAKE MARKET in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, you can drink 100 different kinds of sake and this is all you can d […]

Samurai/Ninja Experience from the Musashi clan in Edo period, Tokyo

You will learn Samurai's and Ninja's martial art, technique, and performance of Musashi-ryu (school) that has […]

"Magic Bar CUORE" in Shinjuku - Can you find out a trick?

At "Magic Bar CUORE" in Shinjuku, Tokyo, if you find out the trick, they pay you 1,000 yen per magic. Why don' […]

Oden vending machine - specialty at Akihabara, Tokyo

Japan is known as a lot of vending machine country. There is a unique kind such as Oden vending machine at Chi […]

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Tour

Touring three major parks in Shinjuku to appreciate Japanese honorable cherry blossoms.Please contact us for b […]

Motomura offers the best rare beef cutlet, Shibuya, Tokyo

This is "Motomura" specialized in beef cutlet located in Shibuya.Rare red meat with thin crispy batter is not […]

BOJ mobile is launched!

BOJ inc has newly launched its new service, BOJ mobile, to provide prepaid data SIM card for travelers to Japa […]

Beauty of Japan is now open!

Beauty of Japan is a portal website where you can find exclusive information throughout Japan in each category […]